Liberty, Equity, Wokestry

Ivan Starrymist, February 2021


In Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution, Simon Schama argues that French monarchy in the years preceding the revolution, contrary to the common assumption, was not absolutist.  The apocryphal phrase of Louis XIV, ‘L’Etat C’est Moi’, was far from the ethos of Louis XVI regime, which was constructing civic infrastructure to improve the lives of French citizens and promoting to salaried and titled, positions of responsibility commoners from the regions of France.  Power was in fact being dispersed in the period before 1789 which, ironically, emboldened the bourgeoisie to stake its claim over the state and to savage the church while promoting the Cult of the Supreme Being and instigating the Terror.  The prattling about the rights of men will not be accepted in payment of a biscuit or a pound of gunpower, wrote Edmund Burke as he warned that destroying the institutions of state and church to replace them with insincere notions of Liberty, Egality and Fraternity but without a coherent plan would lead to tyranny.


In the years preceding Biden’s election to President of the USA, the power held for centuries exclusively by white men was being dispersed to all American citizens culminating in the presidency of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton’s leadership of the Democrats.  Biden’s regime has quickly set about destroying the precedents and spirit of American political institutions in a power crazed revenge over the spectre of Trump that has as its only semblance of a plan insincere notions of unity, equity and environmentalism.  This time the American bourgeoisie, ironically emboldened by this dispersal of power, is taking on the features of tyranny while promoting the nebulous religion of Wokestry.


America has slim chance of making it to the midterms without bloody, violent, state suppression of rebellion over its constitutional carnage.  The prattling about equity will not be accepted in place of jobs and economic revitalisation.  If, though unlikely, democracy holds under the pressure, the incongruously named Democrat Party will suffer the greatest reverse in American history.  If not, the light of democracy will go out in the world as the pampered, cream-fat pussycats of the West lie down to dream in indulgent sleep at their masters’ feet and the roaring East awakens to shake the world.  The future will be in the lion’s teeth.  Hope and responsibility will rest with the youth of Asia, betrayed by the West, to take up the torch and recognise that the sacred duty of voting is at once the most collectivist and the most individualist act humanity performs.

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