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Time is the essence and the measure of the finitude called existence experienced between creation and destruction.




What was there before creation?




What is nothing?


Nothing is the original absolute.  It can only be defined or conceived of by its opposite: everything.  The concept of everything and its opposite nothing is Energy; this is the original concept, the concept that causes creation.



Creation is another absolute, definable only by its opposite, destruction.  Therefore, if there is creation, there must be destruction.  With creation there is destruction.


How can existence be if creation comes with destruction?


Existence has its finitude and this is called Time.  At the end of Time there is destruction, after which there is nothing again; nothing the original absolute defined only by its opposite and creation begins again with the original concept.


What is Time?


Time is the essence and the measure of the finitude called existence experienced between creation and destruction.



Philosophy and Physics

 The wild horses of progress

Split asunder

Must be yoked

To steer 

Before our race is run.

The First Concept



When time was all and all was time,

Beginning and ending instantaneously

And eternally;


Those antagonistic forces,

Alone in the universe,

Constituted the first concept;

From everything to nothing

And from nothing to everything,

All else followed:


God was Love, by any other name, pure Love.

Pure Love, in concept:

Creation as opposed to destruction

Sacrifice against selfishness;

Love defined against hate;

God against the devil.


And in the battle between love and hate

Hate tempted love to hate;

For if Love defeated hate with hate,

Then Love would no longer be pure.

The paradox spiralled

And the concept, energised, created matter;

All things swirling to and from all things,

As hate destroyed all things.


Love’s desire to survive was stronger,

For hate desires destruction, even of itself.


Love found the way, the only way

And sacrificed itself for hate,

In this the second paradox.

Pure Love reasoned that it must love all things,

From the Absolute to no thing.

Thus Love resolved to love even hate,

And sacrificed itself, so that hate may live.


God was Love,

The devil was hate.

God sacrificed Himself that the devil may survive.

But hate desires destruction, even of itself.

Nothingness beyond all else,

As opposed to Love’s creation.


Thus, left alone victorious,

Hate destroyed itself,

In this the third paradox.


From the Absolute to no thing,

All things spiralled in the echo of this battle.

All things set in motion,

To the rhythm of the battle,

The process was begun.


Love’s sacrifice: the second paradox;

A paradox to redress the first;

For if Love desired most strongly to live,

To live and to love itself and all things,

But reasoned that it must self-sacrifice,

Then Love’s act was an act of free will;

But if Pure Love was destined to love all things,

Then Love’s act was an act predestined.


Between the poles of absolutes,

The spiral of all things revolves.

Between love and hate,

Order and chaos,

This paradox has descended

And the battle echoes on


And echoes

And echoes

In the soul of humankind.

In the uncertainty between Heaven and hell,

Free will contends with nature;

Between hope and despair,


Amongst these rotations of night and day,

Where energy and matter continuously reform,

Each choice is a sacrifice

Each choice is a wager.

Just as God’s sacrifice was a wager;

A wager on all things,

And on the process of creation.

God was the product;

Now we are the process.


And during this process that we call progress,

Each man must make his choice:

To aspire to Love as pure as God’s,

To believe that we can rise so high;

Or to sink beneath this earth

Broken in despair.

And at the end of history,

When each choice is added up,

The sum of humankind

Shall be our destiny.

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